Preface: Last year while road trippin’ out west with a good friend, I came up with a central theme, or lesson if you will, for each park. So, five big lessons for five national parks. In an effort to avoid my all too typical lengthiness, I will separate these into five separate posts!

Each of these, in my opinion, will help whomever reads this adventure better and be a more enthusiastic and appreciative national park and wilderness visitor. You may also find that these lessons can be applied to many different aspects of life as well!


1. Mammoth Cave National Park – There is more to a place than what is immediately in front of you. More simply, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Our time in Mammoth Cave National Park was very brief, one day and one night, and on the surface, relatively normal.

Of course, the forest and the wildlife were beautiful and in many ways magical. The camping was, as it always is, wonderful. But usually every park has something incredible to boast right? Yellowstone has geysers and waterfalls and big wildlife. Arches has walls of red giants towering towards the sky, arches that record a windy story in stone.


Mammoth Cave National Park, from the surface, seemed to be another beautifully forested park. The point is, you have to go below the surface to find what is truly special about this place. Now that is a lesson that can be applied to many things, relationships, people, life events, etc.!


Mammoth Cave boasts 365 miles of a five-level cave system and that is only what has been mapped! BUT, you would never really know this exists unless you travel down the winding and far too narrow staircases with bottomless pits on either side.


From this I draw the lesson that if you want to know what is truly amazing about a place, a person, anything, you have to go deeper than just what lies at the surface.

None of our photos of inside the cave came out…and I think that is just perfect. You will just have to see this beautiful, hidden park for yourself.