‘Tis the season to be baking!!!

Motivated by my four seasons of The Great British Baking Show, I decided to up my pie game this Thanksgiving.

I started working for my parent’s consulting company in September and tomorrow we are having a Thanksgiving luncheon – my first work party! I decided to bake a Pumpkin Pie and a Triple Berry Pie for the party so I could practice new design and lattice work I found before baking our actual Thanksgiving pies. I found the design for the pumpkin pie here but am using my Grandmother’s pumpkin pie recipe; and the lattice work for the triple berry pie here and am using this recipe.

Update: I ended up just doing a braided pattern on the triple berry pie – there wasn’t enough dough to get all of the pieces for the other lattice design. 

So, here we go:

Pie #1: Grandma’s Turkey Pumpkin Pie


The top ended up a bit frothy so perhaps I whipped it too hard – story of my life.

The turkey came out so unbelievably adorable! Each piece was cut out individually using a knife and tooth pick and “glued” together using water. The turkey includes the circle base, the head, the face (straight line and a triangle), and then 15 leaves cut out with the veins drawn on. I used two cardboard leaf cutouts for two different sizes – the smaller size goes on the bottom and the longer ones on top. I added some spices to the top of the feathers to give them a littler texture and contrast as well as my own personal touch.

IMG_9463The pie sunk a bit after it came out of the oven, which was to be expected. Next time I’ll cut the edges of the pie much further down to place the braid on top of the pie so there isn’t a large gap. This is why I did a practice after all!

The berry pie filling is divine and surprisingly the braids stayed on top – I was afraid they were going to sink but the filling held. The filling raised significantly in the oven, about an inch or two, and ended up spilling over the crust in some places.  When I make it for thanksgiving I think I’ll use a little less of the filling and make a couple mini tarts. fullsizeoutput_51f6I ended up covering the edges for about half the time as they were browning faster than everything else but I still think they are a little over-baked.

Upon cooling, the pie fell significantly but the braids still remained on top! Next time I may get/make extra dough and make the braids much thicker so that they touch and cover the top.


Pretending I’m on The Great British Baking show – just watching my pies bake.

Comment below and tell me what you are baking or cooking this holiday! I have big plans for Christmas but you will have to wait for the Blogmas posts to find out!