This post was written on November 24th.

Well people, it is now the day after Thanksgiving and officially Christmas season!! Although some may disagree (like my boyfriend and father) today/this weekend is when I always start with our Christmas festivities!

The tree has (begrudgingly) been brought up from the basement and the Christmas music switch has been flipped to ON.
Before my dad left us to our Christmas festivities, we all had a big family Christmas group hug…I guess he isn’t such a scrinch (scrooge + grinch) after all!fullsizeoutput_520dReally, you can have all other decorations in your house but it isn’t Christmas without the tree. So, without further ado, here is the first tree!
The kids (myself included) were the first to put their ornaments on the tree but everyone participated…

…even if they weren’t crazy about it.


Can you just feel the sass coming from this photo? (Probably my favorite photo of all time now)

Fenton the cat also settled right in after we got the tree skirt on and he hasn’t moved since…it’s been about three hours now.

I went to hang up all of our unique and quirky family ornaments first while Annie filled in the tree with the red cardinals (the VA state bird), red feathers, and beautiful red and golden orbs.

Do you think anyone will notice I put all of the old ornaments with my pictures on the tree and none of my other siblings?…fullsizeoutput_5205Our Christmas decorating was followed by some Monopoly, and then some BS (the card game people). For dinner my dad made some delicious homemade meatballs, spaghetti, and fresh sauce, which was made with 40 Roma Tomatoes. There were 69 meatballs…just figured you guys might want to know that.img_9705.jpgNow, we are finishing this incredible day with a viewing of the Incredibles. All and all I would say it was the perfect day to start off my Christmas month-long holiday!fullsizeoutput_523a