Do you have a loved one that goes overboard on Christmas AND your pets? Fear not! So do I! What is the solution? Not a damn thing.fullsizeoutput_5248This probably falls a little bit under my “Christmas and Compromises” post (coming soon). My stepmom LOVES Christmas. She also loves animals, particularly our pets…and again particularly our dog Harvey. As a result, we have ended up with a lot of Harvey-themed statues, pillows, etc. in the house.

This likely (it does) drives my dad crazy, but it makes Annie, and also me, happy – and at the end of the day that is more important than having an “appropriate” amount of physical tributes to your animals in the house.

Harvey is a 85 lb. English Lab. He loves long walks in the woods, playing on the beach, and meal time.

Here’s another photo of him!
Oh wait – sorry – that isn’t Harvey. Here you go!IMG_9696Nope, did it again…

Do you see where I am going with this? For some reason, companies, particularly Pottery Barn, have decided that Harvey (a yellow lab) is their go-to dog for holiday decorations. We have around 8 Harvey-themed Christmas decorations and 15 Harvey-themed items in the house altogether. Last year around Christmas time, my brother and I put together a snapchat montage of all the Harveys in the house. This came to around 20 I believe. This year, we may be missing a few (not including all the photos of Harvey in Annie’s office).fullsizeoutput_5214After that, I made it my mission every Christmas to get Annabelle a Harvey-themed gift to add to our ever growing collection.IMG_9697

My parents are spending Christmas down in Key West this year so here are a few pictures of Harvey enjoying Christmas in the house in previous years…


…And now (somehow) enjoying the heat of Florida.

Last Year’s Harvey Snapchat montage.

And the accompanying videos.