12 days of Blogmas, done! Now the real countdown for Christmas begins!

fullsizeoutput_55bfOver the weekend, along with snowshoeing and the lighted boat parade, a friend and I went to Leavenworth for their 51st annual Christmas Lighting Festival. fullsizeoutput_55d6Leavenworth is a small, Bavarian-inspired town in the Cascades range. Many buildings in the town are modeled after a Bavarian village. Bavaria is a federal state of Germany, located in southeastern Germany. Bavaria includes well-known towns like Munich, or Müchen, and Nuremberg.fullsizeoutput_55caA few years ago, I lived with family friends in Germany outside Stuttgart for about a month. I traveled quite a bit within Bavaria and visited Müchen as well as the small Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Although nothing is like the real thing, Leavenworth is a tiny piece of Bavaria in Washington and a lot easier to travel to than Germany. fullsizeoutput_55ddWhile there, we visited shops and got a delicious lunch at the Bavarian Bistro and Bar, and enjoyed the general Christmas cheer. For lunch we were seated next to the window overlooking the main street and had a blast watching people.fullsizeoutput_55e4fullsizeoutput_55c7Especially since Buddy the Elf made an appearance. He ran around the entire time we were eating lunch – greeting children and taking photos with them, clapping his hands and swinging around light poles. He hid behind port-o-potty doors and surprised people as they came out and even pretended to pick gum off of trashcans and eat it. fullsizeoutput_55dffullsizeoutput_55e5We spent the remainder of our time walking around and enjoying the fresh mountain air.fullsizeoutput_55ea I even found my future truck down a side alley.fullsizeoutput_55f0We then positioned ourselves best we could for the lighting and counted down with everyone else. Leavenworth’s Christmas Lighting Festival happens every weekend leading up to Christmas. The main street is filled with people who traveled from all over to attend the festival. fullsizeoutput_560cOver half a million Christmas lights are turned on following the countdown and the streets are filled with cheers and celebration.fullsizeoutput_5608

fullsizeoutput_55f8fullsizeoutput_5606fullsizeoutput_55f6fullsizeoutput_55f2IMG_1080fullsizeoutput_55f3If you have never been to Leavenworth and live in the PNW, it is worth the trip, especially around Christmas time!fullsizeoutput_5601