Don’t worry, I asked permission from my grandmother before sharing these! When I told my mother she said “What?! You can’t share our Tea Logs recipe!” My grandmother makes tea logs every holiday. She makes batches and batches and gives them as gifts for Christmas. Even when we lived in Virginia, my grandma used to send them to us by mail.

This recipe came from a neighbor, Faye Hall, that lived next to the house my mother grew up in. Apparently, she used to sell these so Faye, if you’re still alive and reading this, I’m sorry for sharing this recipe with the world.

Now, we all know sharing is caring and my favorite line from Les Miserables, “Although our lives are very humble, what we have we have to share.” 

Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card.png

If you want this recipe, either right click and download or open in a new tab and print it!