Meet Me

Hello! My name is Summer and welcome to my blog!

I am a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Geosciences as well as a “back-up” B.S. in Biology. I am currently living in the great Pacific Northwest in Washington taking a gap year between my undergraduate studies and graduate school. I aspire to get a Ph.D. in Geology and it is my dream, no my calling, to be a professor.

From the title of the blog, I’m sure you have guessed that I’m big on optimism. In trying to be optimistic in all things in life, I have found great joy, and what I believe to be, my true self. Also from the title, you can see I have claimed to have an extraordinary life. Initially, such a claim makes me pretty uncomfortable but upon revisiting that statement, I decided that if you don’t think your life is extraordinary, why would anyone else? So yes, I really do believe that so far, I have had a truly extraordinary life.

So what is this blog? I think of it as simply sharing my life and the experiences that make it extraordinary to me. And also to you! I hope my writing or pictures may inspire and inform you, bring you laughter and maybe some tears, and highlight the connection between myself and all of you! After all, we are all human, sharing a single, grand, human experience! Lastly, I hope my words inspire kindness to oneself and to one another.

So please sit back and enjoy!