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"Respond to every call that excites your spirit."

Hello everyone!
My name is Summer.

I am the author of Ordinary Optimist. This blog, and its content, is dedicated to sharing my life and the experiences that I believe make it extraordinary!

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2018 will be the
year for me to
both learn about
and pursue all
things wellness.

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Mountain Chicks Introduction

“We want to encourage all people to hike and explore together while showing off the badass women out there!” The Mountain Chicks Message I figured I should explain what Mountain Chicks is as well as my connection to it since…

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Hello! Welcome!

The first post… Such an intimidating post…or a wonderful opportunity! And yet as I sit here, watching one of my favorite TV shows Grace and Frankie, I am honestly at a loss for what to write about. So perhaps I…

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