The first post…

Such an intimidating post…or a wonderful opportunity!

And yet as I sit here, watching one of my favorite TV shows Grace and Frankie, I am honestly at a loss for what to write about. So perhaps I will just write about why Grace & Frankie is one of my favorite shows and see where that takes my mind.

“Excuse me, have you ever wondered if Ben and Jerry ever did more together than just make ice cream?…”

“Sal never let me smoke, imagine him, judging what I put into my mouth…”

First of all, I love Frankie. Many people that know me know that I often feel like either a 50 year old woman or a 70 year old woman. For some reason there is a very clear distinction in my mind between the two. Frankie is a peace-loving, tree-hugging, meditating, sage-waving hippy and I absolutely identify with her! Maybe minus some of the crazy erratic behavior, although I know I am quite ridiculous in other areas (Cue my crazy antics after the movie Tullulah I watched today with my sister didn’t end the way I wanted it to…damn indie movies!)

Frankie is on my spirit council. You know how some people have a spirit animal? And when a situation comes up they think about how their spirit animal would act? Well when situations arise in my life I think about how people on my spirit council would act or react. Who is on my spirit council you might ask? Well Frankie (the character) of course, Helen Mirren, the Queen of England, my grandmothers…notice a trend? Yep all the people on my spirit council are badass women over the age of 70! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure there is probably an honorary place for the Dalai Lama but he is more of a spiritual teacher and holds a very different place in my life, mind, and heart.


Channeling a little inner Frankie/crazy even from a young age. Is it just me, or does every woman miss wearing velvet clothing? I guess that’s why my mom got me a blue velvet blazer for when I am a kooky professor with big red glasses and Birkenstocks!

In a strange way, it gives me great peace that much of my life is guided by, my admiration for, and desire to embody, the personalities of empowering women over the age of 70. Hell. Yes.

Today was a very ordinary day. A beautiful and extraordinary day and yet, a very ordinary day. I picked boxes of raspberries and snap peas from my grandmothers garden. And then ate mouthfuls of each… I had the privilege to make lunch for the entire household – lunch is my favorite meal to make for people. My sister and I went on an awesome bike ride while the setting sun shown through the tall evergreens and cast a beautiful light on the cascades. I actually somewhat figured out this damn layout and some of the features on WordPress (A major accomplishment! I often like technology probably just as much as those on my spirit council.) I got to FaceTime with Sean (THE best boyfriend in the world), which is something that makes me appreciate the beauty of technology. I finally cleaned up the RV I am living in for my gap year and actually tried to put the rest of my things away. I get to start reading a new book after I close my laptop. Today was a very ordinary day. And holy shit I am so incredibly fortunate to have such an extraordinary ordinary!

Until next time!