“We want to encourage all people to hike and explore together while showing off the badass women out there!”

The Mountain Chicks Message

I figured I should explain what Mountain Chicks is as well as my connection to it since it will likely be all over my blog!

Mountain Chicks is an inclusive hiking group created by Dani about a year ago – you can find information about Dani and the Mtn Chicks story here. Since then, the group now has 21 chapters including two international, about 50 ambassadors and four awesome partners. In the PNW Chapter alone we have, at this moment, 662 members and I add new people every day! (Make that 663 since the minute ago I wrote that!)

“Mountain Chicks was created to give women hikers more options.”

While I do have some qualms about social media, for groups like this it is a beautiful demonstration of the power of connectivity and the support people can give to one another. Through platforms like the Facebook chapters page (list of all the Mtn Chicks chapters here) someone is able to join a chapter and right away become part of a family. When I decided to move back home to Washington, I joined the Mountain Chicks PNW chapter and wrote out a post on the group page introducing myself and was instantly showered with kindness and support by the current members.


Watching the sunset in Cedar City, UT. Photo by Christiana Hoff

While on my most recent cross country trip,  laying in my tent in Cedar City with spotty reception, I filled out my application to be a Mountain Chicks Ambassador. I honestly didn’t think I would get it. Sometimes I still struggle, like many do, with that good ol’ self confidence and while others may, I wouldn’t normally call myself badass or inspirational. But I did think I was a mountain chick. I do love the mountains. I do believe in inclusivity and the importance of getting after it in the great outdoors. And then I got chosen to be an ambassador. You cannot believe my stoke when I got that first message from Dani.

As an ambassador for Mountain Chicks, I rotate with the other ambassadors for WA in hosting a monthly hike for the chicks, dudes, doggos, and kiddos in our chapter, as well as anyone else. Everyone is welcome! I also contribute to the group’s blog and am active on my chapter’s Facebook page, encouraging members to get out there and be badass together! I went on my first Mtn Chicks hike a week ago with two awesome ladies and one pup and we had an absolute blast! Mountain Chicks takes complete strangers and, through adventuring together, turns them into friends.

From the website,

“We’re changing the way women get outside”

and I completely agree!!