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December 5: A Winter Adventure in Oregon

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 5 of Blogmas! I finally get to write a travel post!!

This past weekend I went on a whirlwind weekend adventure down in Portland with my girls (Sam and Chelsea).

We left Seattle around 4:00-4:30 and drove for 4-5 hours until we got to my Aunt’s house where we crashed for the night.

In the morning, we quietly (not really we woke up the whole house) got our stuff together. My aunt graciously made us breakfast and after lots of hugs we hit the road!

STOP 1: VOODOO DOUGHNUTSfullsizeoutput_524f

We obviously needed more fuel for our adventures after breakfast so we stopped at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. After much deliberation, we settled on two doughnuts each, one “normal” and one a bit crazy.

STOP 2: BAGBY HOT SPRINGSfullsizeoutput_526c

We arrived at Bagby in high spirits – we had our doughnuts, at this point three were eaten – it was cold and we were excited to get into some hot springs. The hike in was beautiful. The PNW is home to the most incredibly lush forests. From the time the rain starts at the end of summer to the beginning of the following summer, the evergreen forests are full of life. Bright green moss covers everything and the trees are thick with life. The rivers and creeks surge and the wet ground squishes deliciously underfoot.

For most of the country, spring marks the time of renewal and rebirth. For the PNW, that begins in the fall and lasts until May or June – when the rain stops.

I’ll admit I was confused about the hot springs when I got there. The only springs I had previously been to were natural springs that pooled in the ground. At Bagby, the spring water is pumped into tubs that look like massive, halved wine barrels. fullsizeoutput_5270We waited for about an hour (actually no idea how long it was – being out in nature without technology will do that to you :D) for a tub. We didn’t mind though, it was the perfect time to make lunch! S/O to Mountain House for being so delicious.

You can only fill up one tub at a time and the tub a group of ladies before us were using suddenly stopped filling. None of us were exactly sure what was going on but it looked like the pipe leading to the tubes had sprung several leaks. We waited a while longer but the tubs had stopped filling and it didn’t look like we were going to get a chance to go in. Plus, we had other places we wanted to stop before heading back to WA that evening.fullsizeoutput_5277So, we left. Yes, we drove all the way to OR to go to these hot springs and while it was a bit disappointing initially, we decided we had a ton of fun anyways! The power of optimism prevails always!

What else did we eat to fuel our adventure? PROBAR! Probar is my go-to for hiking, traveling, and even a quick on-the-go lunch when leaving the house.

And of course our second Voodoo Doughnut (I’m biting into the voodoo doll doughnut here)!


Deschutes Portland Pub
Photo from Deschutes Brewery

We wanted to hit a brewery on the way home to celebrate the end of our healthy living challenge (for the month of November) and Portland is full of them! We decided to go to Deschutes because we know if it, because it is beautiful, and because it is incredibly highly rated/recommended!

portland pub (13 of 13)-X2.jpg
Photo: Deschutes Brewery

Wayfarer Sour Cider – Nice apple aroma with a tart, sour taste and a dry finish. Alc. 6.2%
Inversion IPA Pretzel with creamy white cheese, Black Butte Porter stone ground mustard 
Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup – Portland Creamery goat cheese, artisan bread
“The pretzel was delicious and soft and the cheese was good too. The soup was warm and perfect for a cold day. Very flavorful. The cider was okay – I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.”

Wayfarer Sour Cider – Nice apple aroma with a tart, sour taste and a dry finish. Alc. 6.2%
Inversion IPA Pretzel
 with creamy white cheese, Black Butte Porter stone ground mustard
Pub Burger – Nature’s Old Time Meats spent grain-fed beef, Mirror Pond Pale Ale aioli, Tillamook cheddar, lettuce, shaved red onion, house made American Wheat pickles
“The food was good, cider was better! Pretzel was my favorite.”

Wayfarer Sour Cider – Nice apple aroma with a tart, sour taste and a dry finish. Alc. 6.2%
Inversion IPA Pretzel with creamy white cheese, Black Butte Porter stone ground mustard
House Made Fettuccini with roasted Brussels sprouts, prosciutto-cream sauce, parmesan > add roasted chicken
“One of the best Fettuccini’s I’ve had…I love Brussels sprouts! Good cider, loved that it wasn’t sickeningly sweet. I would NEVER turn down a good pretzel and this one was perfectly baked.”

Wayfarer Sour Cider
Wayfarer Sour Cider Photo: Deschutes Brewery

The Drive home at night was slightly terrifying. We had 4 hours to go and it was pouring pretty much the entire time. Living here, you get used to driving in the rain but it doesn’t make it any less scary at times. There were moments where, because of the rain, fog, and lights of other cars, we couldn’t even see the road or lines. BUT we all made it back in one piece and our spirits were invigorated and full from our weekend adventure!



This is a personal blog. All photos and opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise specified. If you take anything from my posts please give credit where credit is due – including to anyone else I have given credit. Any views or opinions represented in the comments belong to the commenter alone.


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